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Blinding Speed

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Blinding Speed Empty Blinding Speed

Post by MannyJabrielle Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:01 am

I like this feat.... especially since on Aenea it was tweaked from 1 use per day to 3.

However, I feel it's still not enough given the high requirements (use of a feat selection, 25+ base dexterity).  At just 10 rounds per use, that's the same as 3 potions of speed.... which anyone can purchase for just a couple hundred gold.  Even more so, anyone can buy a stack of 10 potions of speed, and have 10 uses ready to go in a quickslot.  That alone makes the feat undesirable, even if it weren't an epic feat with high requirements.

I would suggest, at the very least.... have blinding speed give a passive movement speed bonus just like the "fleet of foot" feat.  Fleet of foot is not an epic feat, and has no requirements.... it seems only reasonable that blinding speed with it's epic requirements offer something as well, if just a 25% boost rather than the 33% offered by fleet of foot (as blinding speed would still offer something extra, the several uses of haste effect)

Second, I would suggest that if the uses per day stay at 3 per, increase the duration of each use.  At 1 round per character level, it's a hefty 120 rounds total for a 40th level PC.... but that's not anymore spectacular than what a pure class wizard/sorc/bard could do with just 3 spell slots.... or a 20th level wiz/sorc/bard with 3 spell slots and one feat (extend meta magic).  They could do even more with their spell slots as well... and do mass hastes....

This feat should not be giving a virtual perma-haste of course.... but for the requirements, it should give something not attainable with just a couple hundred gp and a quickslot of cheap potions Smile
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Blinding Speed Empty Re: Blinding Speed

Post by daveyeisley Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:49 pm

I like the passive benefit to the feat.

Making the duration equivalent to a unmodified caster level, not so much. 10 rounds might be too little, but I feel anything more than 15 is too much. PC level regardless.

More uses per day I could get behind. Epic feat, maybe do 5 uses... 15 rounds... thats worth the darn feat.

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