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Armor Temp Properties Restoration

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Armor Temp Properties Restoration Empty Armor Temp Properties Restoration

Post by MannyJabrielle Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:05 am

The temp immunity properties on armor is great.  However.... there's one small issue.  They wear off, and seem to do so rather quickly actually (around every 10 minutes it seems).

This can be fixed by re-equipping the armor, however, this is not feasible in the middle of a fight, OR when in a "environmental damage" zone (which puts you in a constant "in combat" state). 

So.... how about a VC command to re-set the temp immunities on armor WITHOUT needing to much about with removing said armor?  OR, tie it into the ";;tool backup" command to re-apply the temp properties.

The tool backup may be the best option given that one can set the auto-backup option, which causes a character file backup to fire off every 2 minutes.  That would ensure that a player can keep the temp immunities WITHOUT mucking about re-equipping their armor every couple of minutes.

Another side benefit would be for those PCs that have bonus spell slots, or casting stat enhancement on their armor (clerics, mages with still spell/autostill/arcane fail reduced armors) will not lose their extra spell slots just in getting their temp properties back the way they're supposed to be.
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