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Healing Potions and Spells

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Healing Potions and Spells Empty Healing Potions and Spells

Post by daveyeisley Wed May 04, 2011 6:54 pm

While the percentage mechanics make these more attractive for mid and high level PCs, low level PCs are kind being neglected as far as the usefulness goes.

I had made the recommendation in the Cleric thread that began the discussion about improving healing spells that the mechanics should include both a percentage, and a flat amount of healing in order to accomodate both ends of the spectrum properly.

Its a small thing overall in the scheme of things, but for low level PCs it would be a godsend... literally.

Healing potions should keep their current percentages of healing, but in addition:

Normal Cure Light: 3 hitpoints + percentage
Asis Cure Light: 6 hitpoints + percentage
Normal Cure Moderate: 6 hitpoints + percentage
Asis Cure Moderate: 9 hitpoints + percentage
Normal Cure Serious: 9 hitpoints + percentage
Asis Cure Serious: 12 hitpoints + percentage
Normal Cure Critical: 12 hitpoints + percentage
Asis Cure Critical : 15 hitpoints + percentage.

This way, no matter how small or how large the hitpoint pool, every character can expect some decent healing for the investment.
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Healing Potions and Spells Empty Re: Healing Potions and Spells

Post by MannyJabrielle Wed May 04, 2011 7:07 pm

This is needed especially for lowbies.

When that stack of 10 starter potions is only healing 3 or 4 HP each for the enhanced ASIS version... that's the reason why it's a good strategy to sell them rather than use them.
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