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Dialogue and area overhaul

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Dialogue and area overhaul Empty Dialogue and area overhaul

Post by Talvi Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:49 am


I am enjoying Aenea very much so far. The world/area design is appealing, too. I have a few suggestions to improve that part of Aenea even further:

A) some dialogue overhaul. Those numerous merchants have very similar dialogue. Maybe add some more options to just chat,too. Not much, since this is an Action PW, but in my opinion, a little more diversity wouldn't hurt.
There are a few quest dialogues that coul be refined as well. One in particular comes to mind: during one of the beginner quests, you are asked to find the daughter of a farmer in the goblin caves and bring her home. After carefully fighting your way through hordes of the little critters and opening her cell, her reaction is "What do you want?". This seems a little inappropriate, given the situation. She could be suprised, grateful or frightened instead, for example. In addition, there could be the option to ask her how she ended up there.

B) some area overhaul. A couple of areas seem unfinished, they are quite bland (in contrast to carefully designed ones such as the tavern you start in (Dragon Inn?), to name an example).
The general design of a few areas striked me as odd/unappealing, for instance the Home District in the city of Macedone. It doesn't feel homely at all, and the street layout seems a bit too regulated considering the medieval/fantasy theme of Aenea.

Despite these small points of criticism, I feel the world of Aenea is really well designed - kudos to whoever is responsible (The Amethyst Dragon, I suppose)!

Best regards,

P.S.: If you (The Amethyst Dragon and helpers) decide to do these overhauls but do not find the time to do so, please feel free to ask me for help. I often design NWN areas in my spare time for the fun of it (even though I never actually finished any module), so I might as well put that time to use by helping design something that can actually be played.

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Dialogue and area overhaul Empty Re: Dialogue and area overhaul

Post by Eric of Atrophy Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:34 pm

Welcome, Talvi! We're always happy to have new folks around, and the fresh perspectives that they offer are cool as well - you raise some interesting points here.

Again, welcome, and we'll see you in-game!
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