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Ideas for Teleportation Circle

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Ideas for Teleportation Circle Empty Ideas for Teleportation Circle

Post by RustyDios Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:32 pm

Teleportation Circle (TPC) .. I love this spell. I'm also sure that many other people love it too, because I recently keep seeing them lingering around after the caster has (likely) long gone... so I was thinking of some things to add...

1 ) Is it possible to display the destination if you mouse-over the circle ?.... or maybe even the Casters name (so you could ask them where it goes, providing they are still logged in)?.. I'm thinking there must be something written on those spinning rings that someone could read (maybe throw in a Spellcraft Check to decipher the runes?).... this would help people finding someone's circle and deciding to piggyback along it or not.. or a latecomer to a party set-up step through the correct circle if multiple ones are cast in the area to catch up with the group... currently they are a bit like a Farstep Potion, ie Where in the world will I end up??!!?? (Which by the way is 1/2 the fun of said potion, I just don't think TPC should be like that Smile )

2 ) Currently Clerics of Gort get Word of Recall as their Granted Spell V at level 18. Which was fine back when the deity system was overhauled and a great choice, being the only party-wide tp magic. However being clerics they already likely have access to this spell. Since those changes however TPC has been added to the world and I think it fits the progression and theme of a Cleric of Gort much better. It would also be a unique feature of taking this path.

3 ) The level 9 Farstep Master ability is currently a dual-farstep, which is awesome and works really well... but I think that TPC would be better here as well.... why would a FM use this in a party larger then 2 people (when they also likely have TPC)...

What does everyone else think of these ideas ?
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Ideas for Teleportation Circle Empty Re: Ideas for Teleportation Circle

Post by MannyJabrielle Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:23 pm

Well, the circle is *supposed* to go away after the caster steps through it... so unless he just opens it to send a group someone and doesn't follow, it should really disappear, VFX and all.

What I *would* like to see is some way to *avoid* the circle. There's been a time or two when someone cast the circle right in front of the SDI door in the vale, which makes it a bit of pain to skirt around it to get in or out. When beholders pop off a TPC scroll, it can be annoying as well being 'autostopped' when you approach the circle (deadly too if your touch AC is on the low side as is).

Gort cleric granted spells... not sure of their lineup, but seems appropriate. Word of recall is gained via regular spells earlier than level 18, so would make sense they get that as a granted spell around the same level (which ever granted spell is gained closest to when the regular spell level is achieved).... and TPC as the top 18th level one is good.

Farsteps.... yes. The dual-farstep has now been far outpaced by TPCs. Circle would be nicer. The FSM's are already giving up 10 caster levels for the top tier FSM abilities, would be great if they were more worth it. I've pretty much only got 3 levels for the single teleport ability+transference. Why blow caster levels for a 2 person teleport when TPC is much better?
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Ideas for Teleportation Circle Empty Re: Ideas for Teleportation Circle

Post by Ramana Jala Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:49 am

My vote for a timeout termination on the Teleport Circle.  They seem to hang around until reset, cluttering the pathways as mentioned.  My opinion is that they should last for only a few IG hours, max an hour real time.  That allows for party-time stragglers but clears the area reasonably quickly of those TCs cast by PC or NPC.

Also my vote for a timeout termination of Mord's Magnificent Mansion, for the same reasons.
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Ideas for Teleportation Circle Empty Re: Ideas for Teleportation Circle

Post by Lasombra Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:44 am

Good ideas. I also concur with shortening the durations, as it can get pretty bothersome and there's not much advantage in taking the spell vs using scrolls, which give 3 real-time hours.
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Ideas for Teleportation Circle Empty Re: Ideas for Teleportation Circle

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